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THE GREEN REFLECTION - April 2021 Edition

  Published 1 year ago on Thu 1 Apr, 2021    

  by Glory Eromosele

The beneficial role of several technological innovations in the progressive industrialization and globalization of our world systems cannot be contended. They have impacted several aspects of our lives positively. Infact, we can dare say they have bettered our human existence. However, in many ways, it will appear that man in a bid to make his life easier through innovation has also become His greatest enemy, harming not just himself, but his environment and other species also. Occurrences like crude oil spillage, environmental pollution, desertification, etc, are a few consequences of some anthropogenic activities driven by the need for innovation and industralization. What then? Do we put a stop to technology and industrialization? Our Newsletter for this month is focused on discussing this concept of sustainable innovation. Enjoy your read! Glory Eromosele Editor

Glory Eromosele