Our Objectives

The objective of the company is to promote the science of protecting, preserving and restoring the environment after oil spills. To achieve this objective, the company is required amongst others:

  1. To establish and maintain a speedy and effective response capability to combat second- tier oil spills in addition to any such capability maintained by any individual member.
  2. To minimize the impact of oil spills on sensitive ecosystems and communities through the provision of relevant equipment and the use of competent and dedicated response personnel.
  3. To provide support in combating third-tier oil spills at the request of members, non-members or government agencies.
  4. To provide training programmes on, and conduct or support research into, subjects pertaining to the environment.
  5. To provide waste management services in relation to oil spill clean-up activities.

Contact Us

You can reach us by sending a message via our Contact Us page.