Membership Application Procedure:

All new and old (renewals) members shall complete the application form number CNA APPL.1 Provide all information required on the form with necessary attachments.

New Members

  • All new members shall complete the application form CNA APPL.1
  • All new members will be invited for a discussion with the CNA Chairman or BOD as the BOD shall consider appropriate. Discussion with the BOD shall take place after TECOM has completed the processing of the application form and made recommendations to the CNA Board of Directors (BOD).
  • A non-refundable application/entrance fee of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND NAIRA ONLY will be paid in bank draft addressed to Clean Nigeria Associates Ltd/Gtd. The bank draft will be submitted with the completed application form. This entrance fee shall be reviewed every two years or at such other periods as the Board of Director (BOD) may consider appropriate.
  • All new members shall commit in writing to be bound by all regulations governing CNA and its operations and the conditions of the CNA agreement and any subsequent revision thereof.
  • All new members shall pay a joining fee equal to its composite participation percentage share of the value of the company‚Äôs equipment and materials at the time its application for membership is accepted (Equalization fee).