CNA has been engaged in various spill response activities over the years. From 1989 till date she had responded to 109 spills of various magnitudes and in diverse terrain covering offshore, inland, land, swamp etc. During oil spill containment and cleanup operations, CNA functions under the sole direction and control of the member company requesting the assistance, providing specialist advice and full response activities. Request for CNA assistance is made directly to CNA management who then mobilizes its personnel to the site and subsequently report its operational activities to the BOD..

Environmental Protection

We protect and respond to combat oil spills in affected regions.


We preserve and minimize the impact of oil spills.

Environmental Restoration

We provide restorative support to the environment .

Training Services

We provide training programmes and conduct research into subjects pertaining to the environment.

Waste Management

We provide waste management services in relation to oil spill clean-up activities

Support Services

We provide support in combating third-tier oil spills .

Spill Response Team

Our Spill response personnel working very hard to ensure environmental damages is reduced to the lowest minimum.

Spill Response Crew

Spill response crew members. Getting set for the task ahead .