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Chief Chibuzor Nnubia (General Manager)


At CNA, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our relationship with our member companies and other stakeholders. Since 1981, as a not-for-profit organization established by the oil industry in Nigeria, we have been on a journey to address the changing needs of our Members and to improve our performance in response to oil spills. Today, we have a group of seasoned professionals ready to respond to any oil spill situation with world-class resources anytime, anywhere. We place high priority on the safety of our staff and the environment. With all these in focus, we have and are still delivering value to all of our member companies and stakeholders. Our deep appreciation goes to CNA founding and current members of the Technical Committee and Board of Directors.

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History of CNA

CLEAN NIGERIA ASSOCIATES LTD/GTE (CNA), is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee formed by the oil producing and exploration companies in Nigeria to respond to her tier 2 spills.


CLEAN NIGERIA ASSOCIATES LTD/GTE was formed in November 1981 due to an increased awareness of the need to prevent and control oil spills in Nigeria. Its formation arose as fallout of an oil spill seminar in 1979. The founding companies are, Agip Energy, Ashland, Elf, Chevron, Texaco, Dubri, Mobil, NAOC, NNPC, Pan Ocean, and Shell. Currently the company has 15 members namely: Agip Energy, Addax, Chevron, Dubri, Mobil, NNPC, Shell, Total, Nigeria Agip, Pan Ocean, Seplat, AMNI, MoniPulo, Midwestern and Allied Energy.
Prior to the formation of CNA, the oil companies operated an informal mutual assistance plan for combating oil spills. Under this arrangement, local operators were expected, in the event of an oil spill incident, to provide response equipment to the company involved. The companies decided to formalise this loose arrangement by entering into a co-operative agreement. This led to the creation of CNA to provide state-of-the-art equipment, training and personnel to greatly increase the industry's capability of ensuring environmental protection. The CNA Heads of Agreement was signed in November 1981 and the company became fully operational in September 1985. This not-for-profit organisation has enhanced the oil spill containment and clean up capabilities of oil companies in Nigeria through the cooperative efforts of its members.

CNA Primary Purpose

  1. To minimize the impact of oil spills on sensitive ecosystems and communities through the provision of relevant equipment and the use of competent and dedicated response personnel.

  2. To provide a secondary spill response resource as a complement to each member's existing capability.

  3. To provide training programmes on, and conduct or support research into, subjects pertaining to the environment.

  4. To provide waste management services in relation to oil spill cleanup activities.

In line with the recent shift towards offshore oil and gas exploration and production, CNA's ultimate upgrade goal is to acquire oil spill response capabilities to combat deep offshore oil spill incidents of which well trained force.

CNA Operations

CNA Oil Spill Response equipment and materials are currently strategically located in two main bases and four satellite bases in Nigeria.

The main bases are located at the Nigerian Ports Authority in Port Harcourt town and Warri. The satellite bases are in Eket, Brass, Mosimi and Kaduna. These bases are strategically positioned to adequately provide for the role of CNA in the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide professional assistance towards effectively combating Tier 2 oil spills across Nigeria.


In pursuit of its mission statement, we will:

  1. Establish an industry wide Tier 2 oil spill response organization to ensure sustained and effective response preparedness is achieved for response to Tier 2 oil spills

  2. Maintain a speedy and effective response capability to combat Tier 2 oil spills to support the in house response capabilities maintained by member companies.

  3. Maintain a speedy and effective response capability to combat Tier 2 oil spills to support the in house response capabilities maintained by member companies.

  4. Conduct trainings, workshops, seminars and provide all forms of technical assistance on oil spill response related matters to ensure preparedness for combating oil spills.

  5. Conduct or support research into subjects pertaining to the environment in relation to oil spill management and; Provide necessary advice where applicable on waste management services in relation to oil spill clean-up activities.


Our vision is to establish a highly trained and motivated workforce to meet member companies’ expectations and requests thereby positioning ourselves, to deliver a wide range of oil spill services in response preparedness, training, consultancy and oil spill clean-up activities.

Establish strategic operational bases in close proximity to its member companies’ facilities/locations to guarantee faster response.

Offer world class oil spill response services and be the most reliable service provider to companies operating in the industry.

Our Team

Nnubia, C

General Manager

Uwhumiakpor, R

Admin/Accounts Manager

Etuk, E

Base Supt. East (PH)